Why Join

Unified Membership Structure

The School Nurse Association of North Carolina (SNANC) encourages all school nurses to join! SNANC is an affiliate organization of the National Association of School Nurses, Inc. (NASN). When you join, you are a member of SNANC and NASN with full benefits in both organizations. Membership dues are collected and managed at NASN national headquarters.

Benefits from SNANC

School Nurse Advocate (Newsletter):  Published quarterly to keep North Carolina school nurses informed about news, legislation, continuing education opportunities and events related to school health.  Members will receive by email or print mail.  

Continuing Education Programs: Regional programs on topics pertinent to school nursing.

Marilyn H. Asay Scholarship: Offered to school nurse members committed to a career in the school setting who are seeking to further their education and enhance their clinical practices and leadership skills.

Recognition: Members are eligible to receive the School Nurse of the Year and the School Nurse Administrator of the Year; presented annually.

SNANC Member Forum: Private and professional online discussions for SNANC members.

SNANC Member Directory: Locate members and send direct messages.

Business Meetings: Regional and state business meetings provide members with networking opportunities, information on clinical, legal, legislative, and ethical issues facing North Carolina school nurses. 

Leadership and Professional Growth: Interested members can become regional and/or state officers as well as committee leaders.  Members are encouraged to write articles for the School Nurse Advocate and to make presentations at SNANC conferences. 

Representation: Member concerns are voiced through SNANC's officers to DPI, the state legislature, NCNA, as ell as through SNANC's affiliation with NASN. 

Advocacy: SNANC supports a lobbyist at the legislature.  SNANC's lobbyist works long hours keeping SNANC's membership informed of legislation that impacts school nursing practice. 

Benefits from NASN

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SNANC/NASN members earn $10 in NASN e-commerce credits for each member referred. Credits can be used towards dues renewal payments, NASN annual conference registration, and purchases in the NASN bookstore.

If you are an SNANC/NASN member, learn more here.

If you join SNANC/NASN, be sure to identify an SNANC/NASN member on your application so that someone can receive this valuable credit!