Executive Board

Executive Board Members

President:23-25     Shelly Klutz   **                                                          To contact a Board member click here

President Elect: 21-23   Vacant **

Past President: 21-23   

President Emeritus:

Treasurer: 23-25  Tamara Garland  **

Secretary: 23-25  Meredith Keisler **

NASN Director:  21-25   Kim Berry  **

Continuing Education Chairperson:   Linda Byrd 

Professional Practice and Standards: Tammy Alexander 

Membership Chairperson: Jill Fagala  

Marketing Chairperson:  Audrey Shomper 

Legislative Chairperson: Traci Hewes 

Marilyn H. Assay Scholarship:  Barbara Roemer 

Communications and Technology: Abraya Johnson 

Nominations Chairperson:   Amy McAteer-Jones   **

NBCSN Liaison:  Wendy Harsch 
                            Cindy Avery 

NC State Consultant:  Jenifer Simone

North Carolina Nurses Association: Tina Gordon, TinaGordon@ncnurses.org

North Carolina Nurses Association: Alex Miller alex@alexmillernc.com

Regional Presidents: Each Region President is a member of the SNANC Executive Board: View Region Web pages