Membership FAQ

Current Members

How do I contact the Membership Department?
Contact the School Nurse Association of North Carolina (SNANC) with questions related to SNANC activities.
Contact NASN with questions related to your membership status and/or questions related to NASN activities, or toll-free 1-866-627-6767.

How do I find my SNANC/NASN website username and password?
Use the same username and password for the SNANC and the NASN websites. Use your email address and a password you create. The first time using the new login, click the "reset password" link to create a new password. If you do not receive an email to create a password, do NOT create a new account. Contact NASN for support at You may need to have your email address updated.

When will I receive my membership card?
When you join NASN, you choose a print or digital membership card. If you choose a print card, please know that NASN mails these regularly and they arrive in approximately four weeks of the date dues payments are received. If you choose a digital card or need a digital card at any time, visit the Membership Card web page.

How do I find my NASN ID or member number?
The NASN ID is printed on your membership card and can be found in the profile (overview area).

How do I get a membership dues receipt?
A membership receipt can be found in the profile (purchases area).

How do I get a membership dues invoice?
If you need an invoice, submit a membership application and purchase order to the NASN membership department. Contact the membership department for more information

Will I receive a membership dues renewal reminder?
Yes. Members will receive an email message approximately one month prior to the expiration date.

How do I update the payment method for my automatic membership payment?
Yes. Go to the profile (purchases area > payment option). If you need assistance, contact the department at or call the toll-free number 1-866-627-6767.

How do I renew my membership dues?
Visit the dues renewal web page on the NASN website for options.

Does NASN accept purchase orders?
Yes. When paying a membership dues renewal with a purchase order, print a membership application and send it to NASN with the purchase order.

How do I update my contact details?
Go to the profile (account area > contact info) and update your contact details. The update will display in the NASN website profile. Please note that there may be a slight delay in the updates showing in the website profile.

When will I receive my first journal in the mail?
NASN members can expect to receive their first issue the NASN School Nurse approximately six weeks after joining.  The Journal of School Nursing is now published online only.  Learn how to access online journal subscriptions.

Can I pay my dues in installments?
Yes. Members can select annual or quarterly installments when they join or renew their membership. An annual fee of $5 spread out over the membership year is applied to quarterly installments. Automatic payments are charged to the credit card on file with NASN and continue into the next membership year unless the member notifies NASN to terminate the dues.

Can I change my billing frequency from annual to quarterly?
Yes. Members can change when they renew their membership.

How do I change my membership category, i.e., change from an Active member to a Retired member?
Category changes can be made when members renew their membership.

I have moved to a different state. How do I change my state or NASN Affiliate?
Affiliate changes can be made when members renew their membership.

How do I cancel my membership?
The NASN Membership Department will need to make this change. Contact the department at or call the toll-free number 1-866-627-6767.

Are there scholarships for members?

Scholarship from SNANC: Marilyn H. Asay Scholarship

Scholarships from NASN: Endowment Education Scholarship; Advocacy Education Scholarship; RN to BSN Education Advancement Scholarship; and New Member Scholarship.

How do I obtain Sight for Students® gift certificates for my students?
NASN members must use the online enrollment form to enroll in this program with VSP Global®.

What is the correct way to list my nursing credentials?
NASN recommends highest earned degree, mandated requirements (i.e. licensure), state designations or requirements, national certifications, awards and honors, other certifications. If highest earned degree is not in nursing, then highest nursing degree may be included after highest earned degree. Example: MEd, BSN, RN, APN, NCSN, FNASN.

Prospective Members

How do I join?
You can join online with a credit card using the online membership application. You can also join by print mail using other forms of payment and a printable application.

How much does it cost to join SNANC and NASN?
The cost is $155.00/ year.

Can I pay with a purchase order?
Yes. When paying membership dues with a purchase order, print a copy of a membership application and send it to NASN with the purchase order.

Are there membership scholarships?
No. However, you may want to reach out to community organizations such as Lions Clubs and Parent Teacher Organizations for support.

Does SNANC/NASN provide information on its members?
Yes. NASN does rent member names and mailing addresses to carefully screened companies and organizations which offer items that may be of interest in the profession of school nursing. Members may opt out of this list by editing their mailing preferences in their profile (account area > personal info).