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    RESOLUTION ADOPTED BY MEMBERSHIP. In accordance with the School Nurse Association of North Carolina by-laws,  a vote was held regarding structural changes for the School Nurse Association of North Carolina. Following three open discussion forums with two or more Executive Board members present one hundred and forty-one votes were received by the end of 4/28/2022 at 5pm. All one hundred and forty-one member votes were voted as "yay" in acceptance of the resolution. No votes received were in dissent of the resolution. The votes received represent 24% of the active membership and represent the quorum requirement of 10% as set forth in the by-laws. Therefore, the Executive Board will begin the discussion during Summer 2022 to discuss the process of implementation of this vote. This includes: 1) Aligning with Department of Public Instruction Regional Map, 2) Consolidation into four regions, 3) Regional Roles of President, President-Elect, and Secretary/ Treasurer, and 4) Centralized Treasury. To ensure a member informed process, your participation in this process is important! Additional information regarding beginning these transitions will be forthcoming. Please be sure that your contact email and addresses remain up to date on your membership profile. This ensures that you will continue to receive updates as they develop. Please mark your calendars to plan to attend the SNANC annual meeting during annual conference December 8th-9th, 2022 in Greensboro, NC. We plan both a fun and informative time that we hope all members will attend!