The School Nurse Association of North Carolina offers scholarships to school nurses committed to a career in the school setting who are seeking to further their education and enhance their clinical practices and leadership skills.

SNANC awards the Marilyn H. Asay scholarship annually to assist with educational expenses.

For more information on Marilyn Asay, the pioneering work that she did for school nursing in NC and the scholarship application packet please go to: Marilyn Asay

The application process is simple.  If you are currently in or interested in going back to school you need to check it out. Do not delay. The deadline for applications is May 14, 2019. 


1.      Applicants must hold a current license to practice as a registered nurse in NC.

2.      Be a current member of SNANC

3.      Have a minimum of one academic year of experience as a school nurse.

4.      Have received acceptance or be currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program.  The applicant must furnish a copy of their acceptance letter or an unofficial copy of their transcript.

5.      The applicant must provide an essay in 500 words or less explaining reasons for pursuing the educational studies and the relationship of the studies to her/his career expectations in school nursing.

6. Must provide one letter of recommendation from a supervisor or employer in school health who has knowledge of the applicant's professional abilities.

7.     Must complete the application and submit it to the scholarship committee by the deadline. (No later than May 14th annually)

8.   It is the expectation of SNANC that recipients of this scholarship intend on continuing their career in school health in NC following the completion of their studies.

Marilyn H. Asay Scholarship Packet 2019