Grant Initiative

SNANC would like to offer two grants per year in the amount of up to $500 to qualifying applicants. These grants would advance the profession of school nursing in the areas of health promotion/education, disease prevention, and profession enhancing research.

Qualifying applicants will need to be SNANC members who submit proposals by one of two annual deadlines on November 15th and March 15th. Proposals will be reviewed by the Grant Committee and one grant will be awarded in January and the second in June. Proposals not awarded grants at the November deadline will automatically be considered for the March deadline.  Click here for an application.  


Catawba County Public Health School Nurse Research Team

Back Row L-R : Brandy Forbes, Krystal Morgan, Rachel Knighton

Front Row L-R : Kim Spaulding, Melanie Reese, LaDonna Hodge, Holly Bennett

RECIPIENTS of spring 2018 grant INITIATIVE

The Catawba County Public Health School Nurses recently had an in-service on mental health and each nurse wanted to have a calm down kit.  The objective of this project is to arm school nurses in their role as both first line mental health providers, as well as promote a school environment that improves mental health resources for student and staff in accordance with the North Carolina Department of Instruction Mental Health Initiative and the Catawba County Public Health School Nurse Mental Health Outcome.

The project will “arm” school nurses with a “calm-down” kit at each school. Each kit will include:

*Bubbles              *Coloring sheets for mindfulness and colored pencils *Stress Ball           *Pipe cleaners and beads              *Pinwheel             *Glitter jar           *Rubix cube or Fidget Spinner                         *Flower bouquet with essential oils (if permitted by school district)

The project will also provide school nurses tools to use with staff and teachers to promote early intervention and strategies for prevention of mental health crisis including, Yoga mats and video.