The link to the End of Year Report 2016-2017 is now live.

Due date is June 20, 2017 for

    • Section Two
    • Screening Results Form B
    • Section One – if updating/revising (new supervisors, updated contact information, policy/procedure changes etc.)
    • Staffing Form A – if updating/revising (examples include newly certified school nurses, new hires, resignations etc.)
  • Link to the Tutorial:
  • The link is

    Section Two:

  • A worksheet is available to prepare information prior to on-line entry and submission

  • Pop up boxes will appear depending on your answer during on-line entry
  • Tables must have all boxes filled.  Place a “0” if indicated.  You will not be able to advance if boxes are left empty.   Tables do not automatically total, you will need to total them.
  • You will need to write down your goals in the boxes provided.  The report will not advance if you don’t.
  • Changes to Section Two include:
  • Under the section Asthma Education and Care the peak flow and pulse oximetry questions were moved and relocated to the Health Care Procedures Table 12
  • Removed the AED question about a current medical order…other AED questions are the same
  • Removed the option “other” as a reason for home visits
  • Table 1- Identified Health Concerns Known to the School Nurse- added questions about substance abuse including alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  • Table 9- Medication Administration we added a category “Number of times self-administered” so that could be a choice for epi-pens.

Screening Results Form B:

  • Reflects the number of students screened, not the number of screenings
  • Vision screening data submitted should consistent with report submitted to PBNC

Section One:

  • A worksheet is available to prepare information prior to on-line entry and submission
  • Pop up boxes will appear depending on your answer during on-line entry
  • Under question #4 where it asks about Additional Staff, please collaborate with EC to determine the number of special assignment RNs, LPNs and Health Aides.  Health Aides may include people that are not licensed i.e. a teacher assistant, that works 1:1, 1:2. 1:3 that needs assistance with a health related condition.  If a CNA is hired to provide one on one, even if their time is reimbursed by private insurance, should be counted.

Staffing Form A:

  • Vacancies - For VACANT positions list VACANT as the ‘Nurse Name’ in column A, leaving columns B and C blank.  Insert the name of the nurse that resigned/retired in column D ‘Name of Nurse Replaced this School Year’ with the date that the nurse resigned/retired in column E.  Leave blank the columns ‘Highest Degree Earned’, ‘Certified yes/no’, ‘If Certified, Renewal Year’, ‘Certified By’ and ‘School Health Program Manual Review’ (G, H, I, J, V).  Please COMPLETE all other columns (F, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U) related to that position on Form A.
  • On Leave of Absence - School Nurse positions that are ON LEAVE should keep the student/school data recorded the same as if the person were not on leave with all columns completed.
  • Added questions about the use of epinephrine for undiagnosed persons
  • Added a question related to naloxone/Narcan - does your school system provide Naloxone in schools for opioid overdose
  • Clarified the development of Corrective Action Plans for medication errors to include all errors discovered and not just “in an audit”
  • Table 10 Types of Injuries/Incidents we added ‘suspected’ to drug overdose and fractures.
  • Table 12 Health Care Procedures changed respirator care to ventilator care