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Children with Sensory Processing Differences: Approaches to Supporting Engagement & Participation

  • Eastern Area Health Education Center 2600 West Arlington Boulevard Greenville, NC, 27834 United States (map)

About the Workshop

In this workshop, we will explore sensory processing differences in children under the age of 18, with particular attention to those with developmental disabilities. We also will discuss appropriate, evidence-based interventions to help children and their caregivers address difficulties that arise from those differences. The present- er will provide concrete examples of strategies that can be used in children’s typical contexts/natural environments.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants should increase their ability to effectively care for clients by being able to: • Identify the three primary patterns of sensory processing and some of the behaviors associated with each pattern • Describe how factors related to the child, the environment, and specific activities come together to influence the child’s reaction to sensory experiences • Discuss general guidelines and specific strategies for intervention that can be implemented in natural environments (home, school, community); as well as implement these skills in their daily practice